Wild Risotto

WILD RISOTTO was born from the idea of two Italian guys to bring in London the real and original way to cook and serve Risotto. Giampiero (the Master Chef) and Lorenzo (the Pupil) are glad to offer amazing Risottos proposing variuos recipes from the Italian ancient culinary tradition.  

We use only the best and fresh ingredients and three types of organic rice: 

Carnaroli rice – the best ricefor making risotto. Rich in amylose, it’s an excellent variety, particularly appreciated by great chefs for the ability of its grains to stay hard at the core and to stay perfectly well separated;

Red rice – also know as Wild rice, it has a particular aroma and is characterised by its ruby red colour. It has a sweet taste; 

Black rice - It is a pleasantly aromatic wholemeal rice, releasing a special aroma somewhere between sandalwood and freshly-cooked bread.
Its black colour, is a rare characteristic. According to legend, in the past Chinese farmers cultivated balck rice only for the emperor and his court. It was appreciated for its nutritional and aphrodisiac properties (also known as forbidden rice).

Matthew Stroud