Tre Rote

TRE ROTE was born from the passion of two Italian friends for quality ‘home made’ food; tasty and healthy dishes prepared with the best fresh and seasonal ingredients. 

Federico (from Naples) and Francesco (from Umbria) both have several years experience in the food business in Italy as Chef and Restaurant Manager. Having moved to London we decided we wanted people to discover the real taste of Italian street food. In particular we wanted to offer London a more traditional way of cooking pasta. Not the fresh handmade pasta, that is consumed in Italy only for special occasions, but quality durum wheat pasta, imported directly from Southern Italy where the best pasta factories produce it (e.g Gragnano in Naples). In Italy we have more than 300 shapes of pasta each to match different sauces and we think we can make a real difference offering this variety on our van. A traditional dish but with a touch of originality. 

Holly Strickson