Jollof Box

We are a close family unit where mum cooks and eldest son with the help of his wife, and siblings runs around and does everything else!

We love Jollof Rice, we are specialists, pioneers, explorers...what ever you want to call us we love the stuff!

Jollof Rice is a sumptuous aromatic celebratory rice dish that mum has been cooking for over 40 years and comes from a closely guarded family recipe passed on from her Great-Grandmother. 

We pride ourselves on providing fresh home cooked dishes daily to the masses. It is a labour love, mum wakes up super early to ensure the food is fresh and all those who have tasted will agree that it tastes amazing!

We are not just good at making Jollof rice we are great at making African Cuisine, from our Grilled Chicken Stew, Kale & Spinach stew, Black eyed beans and Sweetcorn Casserole, Jollof Bulgur Wheat and our Famous Chill Beef with smoked Turkey stew.

Our aim is to share the joy of Jollof rice and African cuisine with the world by providing the teeming masses with delicious mouth watering african cuisine on the go.

Holly Strickson