Art Night

Art Night 2017 will see London’s East End transformed with free art, performance and music by internationally acclaimed artists for the night of Saturday 1 July 2017 .

Art Night 2017 is a collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery and curated by independent curator and writer Fato ş Üstek. The festival is generously supported by international auction house Phillips.

For its second edition, Art Night introduces the first Associate Programme , engaging more than 50 cultural institutions, galleries, independent initiatives, curators and artists, across east London, setting the city alight with contemporary art ranging from immersive installations and virtual reality to interactive experiences, special screenings and live music. The participants were invited via an Open Call to reflect on the history and future of the area, emphasising the urban environment and contributing to the late-night celebratory spirit of Art Night.

The resulting programme features a roster of nocturnal events by 31 local organisations and site-specific projects by 29 independent artists and curators in locations across the East End, as far spread as the Docklands and London Fields, opening up the city in unique and creative ways.


Presenting Art Night at Old Spitalfields Market


Presented by Visualise

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry is the oldest manufacturing business in the UK, founded in 1570. After the creation of thousands of bells, including the iconic Big Ben and the Liberty Bell, the business has been sold and manufacturing is moving away from the historic east London site. As a local business to the Bell Foundry, Visualise wanted to tell the story of the bell foundry’s final days and capture the casting of the last bell. Their documentary, titled The†Final†Bell†, shot as 3D 360° video, provides future generations with a rich immersive visual experience of this truly unique and dying trade. | @visualise360

Presented by artists Hannah Evans, Kate McCambridge and Liza Weber

In this performance the artists draw movement from the rope workers of Stepney, particularly the female workers. The piece will be a durational performance which explores rope as a material and our physical interaction with it, our surroundings and each other. The performance aims to educate about women’s contribution to east London’s historical trades while exploring the artists’ own roles as women in contemporary art practice.

www. | @hannah_j_evans | @kate_mccambridge

Presented by artist Yva Jung

On the corner of a market place, a temporary street vendor will appear for one night. The artist will disguise herself as a seller while presenting her objects – a collection of morning dew samples collected on Mondays throughout 2017. Exchanging goods for ephemeral actions (such as storytelling or singing), this project is seeking to trigger unpredictable accidents and create transient and intimate memories at the heart of an urban space. Using commerce as a form for our basic encounters, this project aims to explore the social and economical dimensions of the East End. | @oldspitalfieldsmarket



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